Please, feel free to play this game. If you have any comments, leave them on the page, or send me an email at Unfortunately, you will have to make your own cards. tell me what works, what doesn’t, and anything you tried you thought was cool.

Players: 3-6




Set up:

  • Each player take seven crowd support tokens

  • Place five crowd support tokens in the center

  • Shuffle the equipment deck and deal three cards to each player.

  • Players each select one equipment cards and pass their remaining cards to the player on their left.

  • Players then select one more equipment card and place the remaining cards to the side.

  • The top three equipment cards are placed face up on the table.

  • Players are then each dealt five technique cards.

  • Players select one technique card and place it face down in front of them, and then pass their remaining cards to their right. This step is repeated until all players have three techniques.

  • Players each roll the two dice, and the player with the highest total goes first. Play proceeds to the left.


Game play:

  • On each player’s turn, they must choose another player to attack.

  • The players each roll the two dice, and the attacker adds the attack power of his weapons while the defender adds the defensive power of his weapons, and if the attacker’s total is higher, he takes one token from the defender.

  • If a player rolls a ten or higher on the dice when attacking or defending, they receive one crowd support token from the center.

  • When combat is concluded, play passes to the left.

  • At the end of each round, players can choose to trade in one to three of their crowd support tokens to the center. If the player traded in any tokens, they then draw three technique cards and keep as many as they spent support tokens.

  • Players can also spend one support token to discard one of their equipment cards and either take one of the face up equipment cards, or draw the top one from the equipment deck.

  • If either deck runs out, shuffle the discard pile and replace it.


Equipment Cards:

  • A player’s equipment cards are placed face up on the table.

  • Equipment cards provide bonuses or penalties to a player’s attack and defense rolls, and these adjustments are always in effect.


Technique Cards

  • Technique cards are kept in the hand until activated.

  • Technique cards are placed face up on the table when activated, and can be activated again by rotating the card to the left.

  • Technique cards can be activated during any combat, even combats where the player is not involved.

  • When the card is rotated to the side labeled exhaustion, it is discarded.


Game Length:

  • The game ends after ten rounds, or when one player acquires fifteen support tokens.

  • When the game ends, the player with the most tokens wins


Card Distribution:

Six of each card













Heavy Shield







Technique Cards:

3 of each, the number in parenthesis is the number of activations.

  1. Disarm – – 6 to attack (1)

  2. Dodge – ignore equipment attack modifiers (1)

  3. Trip – – 6 to defense (1)

  4. Throw Sand – – 2 to attack (3)

  5. Distraction – redirect attack (2)

  6. Insult – – 2 to defense (3)

  7. Sucker Punch – Reroll defense (2)

  8. Feint – Reroll attack (2)

  9. Net – ignore equipment defense modifiers (1)

  10. Surprise – immediately cancel one other activated technique card (1)

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