Lizard Mafia

Lizard Mafia


This is currently a game for 4 players.



6 sheets of paper. The papers must each be divided into four sections, with numbers as follows. They are referred to as sections. They are areas of the city the lizard mafia is striving to control.


Section 1

1 1 2 3 4

Section 2

2 2 3 4 5

Section 3

3 3 4 5 6

Section 4

4 4 5 6 1

Section 5

5 5 6 1 2

Section 6

6 6 1 2 3


Each player must also have 6 tokens in some way distinct from all the other tokens. Change or colored stones are both fine. These tokens represent vile lizard mafiosos.

Six tokens numbered one through six.

One six sided dice.



  • Give each player their six tokens

  • Place the six sections on the table, forming a rectangle.

  • Players each roll the dice, with the highest rolling player going first.



  • The first player takes one of his tokens and places it in one of the numbered areas on one of the board sections.

  • This continues clockwise until the players have placed all their tokens. Players cannot place a token in an area with another token already in it.

  • Players score points and earn special abilities, detailed in points and special abilities.

  • Starting on the second turn, after players score, the first player rolls the six sided die. Flip the corresponding section to it’s back side, to represent the owl police force taking over that section of the city. If the number rolled has already been flipped, the next highest numbered section is flipped. If there are no higher numbered sections, the next lowest section is flipped.

  • If at any point it is a players turn to place a token and there are no free sections on the board but they have tokens remaining, they are out for the round.

  • The game ends when all six sections are flipped.


Scoring and Special abilities:

  • Players receive two points for every number on which they have the most tokens.

  • The player with the most tokens on a number also gets that number’s token, which gives them the corresponding special ability:

  1. 3 bonus points at the end of the round

  2. This player goes first in the next round

  3. This token may be used as an additional mafioso token next round

  4. This player may play one mafioso in an already occupied space next round

  5. This token may be played to remove one mafioso from a space after all mafiosos are placed, and moved to a different, open space. (If there are no open spaces, the mafioso is just removed)

  6. This player may change the dice number rolled to the next highest or lowest section of the board.


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